if you see someone dressed up really funky or quirky and unique don’t tare or point and laugh, ok. it took a lot of courage for them to express themselves, so if you’re going to do anything go out of your way to be kind to them. tell them how awesome they look. it could change their life. besides it’s awesome to have the courage to express yourself in a world that tells you to hide away. so yeah, cheer em on or let them be.


Fleetwood Mac - Gypsy


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Red sand at Kaihalulu Beach.  Kaihalulu is one of the few red sand beaches in the world. The sand is a deep red-black, which contrasts with the blue water, the black sea wall, and the green ironwood trees. The cindercone behind the beach erodes constantly, which continually enlarges the cove. This hill is rich in iron, and is why the beach’s sand is such a deep red.